Summary service

In addition to creating original content, GBH Review is pleased to provide a free service to the global behavioral health community by summarizing valuable content from other websites. Any content selected to be summarized on the site is carefully assigned an original title and original summary, by a member of GBH Review’s volunteer staff. Further, all content selected to be summarized is linked to, catalogued into a category and tagged with a location, so that the community may be able to more easily locate related content of interest.

All multimedia appearing on the site is properly attributed. No original content from any external website is published on, without express permission.

Sourcing content

We source content to summarize from what we find on the Web, social media and via submissions to our article submission form. All of the content we share with the community is summarized manually. We do not programmatically scrape or index original content from external websites.

Adding and removing content

We strive to make suggesting new or removing existing summary content from our site as easy as possible. Simply complete the article submission or removal request form, respectively, and we’ll be happy to be of service.